My dad worked really hard to save money to put me though school, and I paid him back by immediately dropping out. At the time, it wasn’t like I [was] going to drop out of school to be in this huge band for the next 10 years, it was like ‘I’m going to drop out of school, and we’re going to load our gear in a van and live off five bucks a day. ’ But there was a part of him that understood what I was doing.
Adam Carson (AP magazine, 2006)

Dear Certain Major AFI News Source,

At least when I reblogged your posts I kept your name on it. I don’t mind you reposting what I post but a link on facebook back to this blog or even a shoutout would be greatly appreciated…or you could do your job and keep up to date on things so tumblr doesn’t have to do it for you. ;) 

Here I am but a small independent blog only managed by one person and focusing on what I know best. Little whispers of earlier projects, interesting factlets, hard to find pictures and keeping the fans and experiences close. I do not cater strictly to the DF, exploit other fans with public embarrassment or shame for their hobbies or treat myself as an elitist. I do not offer contests but I do offer a feeling of unity. I am the underground.

Please don’t rip my rowboat apart to save your sinking ship.

With love,

"As we play, some of the songs shine and others don’t. Some make my hair stand on end the first time that I sing them with all the guys, and most of those charging tracks you now have. The others, sadly, will never be heard by anyone…"

There’s a difference between the person you’ll go to see perform live on a stage and the person you’re talking to now. That’s not to say that one is any more false or fake. Nothing is forced and nothing is contrived. They show themselves and manifest themselves in different environments. Different people call me by different names depending on who they are and who I am to them. But if someone calls me David it better be my mom or my cousins.
Davey Havok (AP magazine, 2006)